Financial Services Professionally Developed in Romania


As a member of the Gruppo MutuiOnline S.p.A. Italia holding, FinProm provides outsourcing services for banks and other financial institutions from Italy and Belgium. The company operates in the online financial-banking domain, which is the mortgage field or the personal consumer credit field and it is able to process records for life insurance, applications for house insurance, auto and moto insurances. Besides all these, it can also provide other services such as, the online comparison of the prices for articles sold in over 2,700 stores. For processing the clients files it is used a digitized documentation management system: the received documents in electronic format are recognized, classified and analyzed and all the info about them is introduced in the data base.

At the moment there are more than
450 people
working for FinProm

in an office of 2.200 m2

Our strength...

In this context, after a proper training, FinProm employees offer specialized services of back office outsourcing at high standards proving professionalism and continuous development.

FinProm strenght