The nomination of our employees and their tasks and position in the company are made based on their knowledge, abilities and on their talent, it has nothing to do with their economic situation, with their geographic origin, their age or family, their popularity or other determinant factors regarding political power or social position.

Meritocracy: evaluation system, performance bonus, process of selection for the coordinators, employee of the month, promotion opportunities, etc.



The capacity to work together in order to achieve a common purpose and to coordinate individual achievements with the organizational goals.

Teamwork: control the work volume, availability to extra-effort, pro-activity, team building, FinProm projects, etc.



We offer different concrete organizational models in the intern plan (cognitively, emotionally) and in the external plan (methods of organization and of taking decisions) because we want to insure a proper adaptation and an adequate instruction in conformity with the Italian culture and the Italian organizational climate from the GruppoMol context.

Interculturalism in the organizational environment: Italian language courses, delegates, written and oral communication in Italian, etc.


Continuous development

Insuring a form of learning integrated in the work process which materializes throw a project with a detailed plan of what will be done, why it will be done and how it will be done, so that, all the desired results can be achieved by involving a big variety of skills and abilities.

Continuous development: induction training, training hard skills, training soft skills, coaching, new project management , etc.



Increasing their own skills (technical, technological, process, market and relation) in order to constantly improve the quality of their own work.

Professionalism: performance output, quality services, seniority on the market, stability, delivery, organizational efficiency, etc.

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